Welcome to the Kids Corner!

For the children we have separate classes for Sunday School and Sunday and Wednesday evening services.  We have facilities for different age groups starting with the pre-K. 

We also have a playroom if a child needs to taken out of the service for any reason, or if they want a toy to keep them busy. 

There is a puppet show every Sunday morning after Sunday School and before Praise and Worship.  The children love it and learn a lot… the adults do too!

We also provide a birthday box to celebrate the little ones most special day.

We will be having Vacation Bible School this year Dates for this year are July 28 thru August 1. The time is set for 6:30 to 8:30 nightly.  Classes will include K to 6th Grade.  The theme is "The Incredible Race!"  Its about how to trust God just like people from the Bible.  And there is a talking racecar named Otto!  So rev your engines and zoom over for some fun activities, songs, and lessons from the Bible.  (Volunteers are welcome!)


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